Wedding Present Idea: Bamboo Sheets

Every time I get an invitation to a wedding in the mail, I automatically think back to my wedding and how great it was. I think about my reception, my wedding dress, the food, the friends that came to support, the honeymoon…and then I think about the gifts.


I think about how if my friends hadn’t been so generous with their wedding gifts that my husband and I literally would have been eating off of the floor instead of off of the dishes we received as wedding gifts (we were between jobs at the time, trying to start a new business, completely unsure if it would work at all). I think of how our eyes never would have been opened to the wonderful and efficient world of rice cookers had it not been for the generosity of the Livingstons. I think about how we wouldn’t have enjoyed waffles so many mornings during the first year of marriage had it not been for the bright red waffle iron we received from the Carmacks. And then I think about the bedding we got.


My husband and I decided to go out on a limb when we were registering for bedding, and registered for some really luxurious sheets and comforters. We figured that if we didn’t get them, it would be fine, but that if we did, it would be awesome to start out our marriage with some lavish bedding. We did indeed receive the beautiful gray quilt that we had registered for from DKNY, the quilt that reminded us of the ocean on a foggy day. However, we did not receive the 600-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets that were the color of sea foam that we had imagined would complement perfectly our gray quilt. And how lucky we were.


Instead, we received a 300-thread count bamboo sheet set. When we first opened the gift, we weren’t quite sure what to make of it. Bamboo sheets? Bamboo can be made into a fabric? How can that even be soft? But then, we opened the packaging. We touched the sheets reluctantly, expecting to be disappointed. However, we were pleasantly surprised: they were the softest sheets ever. At the outset, the sheets appeared to be much softer than the 300-thread count cotton sheets that were already on the bed. “But why are they so much softer?” we wondered. “300-thread count isn’t anything impressive.


We still hadn’t learned our lesson. We continued to expect disappointment. The first night we slept on the bamboo sheets, we were amazed. It felt like we were sleeping on fabric made from a kitten’s fur, not made from a woody grass that resembled a tree. And yet we continued to expect disappointment. “Well, I bet after we wash these they’ll just feel like normal sheets.” But no, we were wrong again. The sheets didn’t feel any less soft after a round in the washing machine, and by this time, they even seemed to feel more soft to us. We had never been so pleasantly surprised so many times in our lives. Bamboo makes the best kind of sheets.

softest sheets

The thank you card that we wrote for that bamboo sheet set was markedly different from the rest of the thank you notes we sent out. We felt that we needed to thank the givers not only for their generous gift, but for going out on a limb and giving us an unconventional wedding gift.


We have continued to sleep on bamboo sheets throughout our marriage, thanks to the new knowledge that we had received.  They really are the softest sheets we have ever had!  We have only had to replace our first set once, but we stuck with same company from which we had been presented with the gift of the original bamboo sheets. So anytime you’re not sure what to get someone as a wedding gift, or you want to stand out, or be unconventional, look no further than a luxurious, bona fide bamboo sheet set.


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