Where to find the Softest Sheets?

You may have wondered why sleeping in hotel beds can be so comfortable. You may have had a good night’s sleep at a friend’s house and thought of redoing your bedroom setup. Well if you are wondering how to make your sleep more comfortable – the easiest option would be to look at your sheets.

Softest Sheets

Finding the softest sheets is no easy task.  When I think of soft things, I usually think of delicate…which means they might be easy to break.  Finding soft and quality sheets is what you really want.  Now most people think this has to break the bank to achieve, but that really isn’t true either.  It actually quite easy to accomplish.

Introducing: Fiber Element bamboo sheets.  They are, quite literally, the softest sheets in the world.  As a connoisseur of bedding and bedroom fashion, I happen to have extensively researched this topic.  Nothing makes me happier, than a good night’s sleep!  Which can be a pretty difficult thing for many people.  Having a well-rested night an important part of living a healthy and happy life.  When you spend almost 1/3 of your life sleeping, maybe it would be an important thing to get right.

Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo Makes the Softest Sheets

Bamboo sheets are extremely soft, and an all-natural product.  They do not need to be laced with chemicals to control bugs or weeds, because, for the most part, they have no predators.  Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world (some species can grow up to three feet per day) and so weeds have never been the problem.  Because this plant can grow so fast, and be harvested every other year, it provides an ample and bountiful resource that the modern world is just learning about.  Bamboo has been harvested and treasured in Asia for thousands of years.  Only now are we learning what an amazing fabric it can make for us.

Bamboo sheets are extremely soft.  Yet they still maintain a nice, comfortable weight to them that exclaims high quality.  The weight is similar to a silk, and reminds one of luxury.  The fabric is extremely breathable – which allows for cool sleeping in the humid and hot months.

Good Thread Count

Bamboo sheets are also priced the exact same as cotton sheets.  You can easily find dumpy cotton and bamboo sheets for $30, which will break soon, and won’t be very high quality.  You can also pay $300 for sheets that are overpriced and are just as good as some others.  Then there are decent priced sheets, like those at Fiber Element.  They are a blend of pure quality and luxury, while also trying to be an affordable option for the world.

My Kids Noticed the Difference

Here is the difference for me.  One day my 8 year old asked me if I could put the bamboo bedding back on his bed.  He noticed the difference between my bamboo sheets and my cotton ones.  I didn’t hear the end of it until I put the bamboo back on his bed.

That is when I knew I had to change the bedding in my entire house.  Bamboo has helped my family come to know what a good night’s sleep is all about.  And it has never felt better.


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