How to Freshen Up Your Backyard

Cleaning air across the world can be as easy as doing it at home. Nature has always provided tried and true systems for doing just that, and they are extremely easy to adapt to your backyard. Today’s secret is bamboo. Bamboo may seem or even sound like an exotic plant, but with hundreds of species, finding one that is right for your back yard design will be a piece of cake. Bamboo can come in all shapes, sizes, and even most colors. If you need a tall bamboo to provide shade or cover a barren corner, it can be done. If you need a thick bamboo to give some privacy and separation between you and a neighbor, that can be done too. There are all types of bamboos that are easily adaptable and ready to freshen up your backyard.

Bamboo Grows Extremely Fast

When considering many types of trees, gardeners often face hefty prices, or tens of years of waiting before the tree can grow large enough to make a difference in the scenery. Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world? Some species can grow up to a meter per day in ideal conditions. What this means for the home owner is that you can get a beautiful plant in your backyard in a very short amount of time. Bamboo is also extremely easy to maintain. It needs no pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides, and doesn’t require an excessive amount of water as some people might assume. A few bamboos can even grow in harsh winters that reach extremely low temperatures.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo

If you are looking for a plant that can benefit more than just your view, then bamboo is the plant you need to investigate. Bamboos can process carbon dioxide and produce oxygen up to 33% more efficiently than regular trees. That means that when you plant bamboo, you are taking a big step to changing the world.

Bamboo can come in a lot of varieties. Many species are known to look bright and exotic enough to bring a shine to any backyard or garden. Bamboo is extremely easy to prune, as it is cut very much like a grass. If your favorite bamboo is of the running variety, make sure to install barriers so that it doesn’t spread farther than is desired. That could be the only difficult quality of bamboos, but it only affect 1/3 of the species and is easily corrected with a root-system barrier.

Considering bamboo is really all about placement and use. If you want an attention grabbing species, then consider a Timor or Black bamboo. Its black stalks and luscious green leaves are extremely beautiful, and can brighten any yard.

Renewable and Sustainable

Bamboos can easily be grown in pots and planters. The root systems, called rhizomes, do not extend deeply, and grow best in pots that are not much deeper than 12 inches. Once you start to grow your own bamboo, you will begin to understand why it is such a remarkably sustainable and renewable plant. Bamboo is becoming more popular all over the world for more than just home design. Bamboo can be made into the most luxurious of products, such as bamboo sheets, whose soft hand and amazing durability stand as a testament to the benefits of living an earth-friendly life.

Economic Benefits of More Bamboo

Bamboo stands for much more than just decoration, though. More than exotic freshness and unique appeal, bamboo stands for a change in the world’s culture. As a resource, it can substitute for many textile and timber producing plants, saving the world from thousands of gallons of chemicals and the inherent waiting that must be endure while trees mature. When you plant bamboo, you tell the world that you know there are sustainable resources that our country should be using. You know that cotton sheets can be replaced by bamboo sheets. You say that we should have more paper made from bamboo. You proclaim that biomass and bio fuels can be made without wasting trees.  Bamboo sheets have been claimed as some of the softest sheets in the world.  Even a mere 250 thread count is a good thread count with bamboo.  A good thread count for sheets is normally above 1,000, but with bamboo, you get all the softness with not as much material.
Bamboo is and should be a statement to all the world. Even if you don’t shop at Trader Joe’s, if you don’t make your own soap and deodorant; if you don’t fancy yourself a green and organic individual, you can use bamboo to say that changes can be small, but they can also be powerful.

bamboo bed sheets

Bamboo across the world

Mexico is reporting tremendous growth in bamboo plantations, reaching almost 3,000 acres (1,200 hectares). The good that this plant is doing stretches far beyond the environment. But have you ever stopped to think about some of the economic benefits of the bamboo, earth-friendly craze? While Mexico City could use some pollution reduction, there are a ton of people in Mexico that could use jobs. Bamboo is hot on the market, and reports are saying that those 3,000 acres are producing approximately 4,000 direct jobs and over 26,000 indirect jobs.

Haiti is struggling to rebuild from the 7.0 earthquake that decimated the country back in 2010. Plans are underway, thanks to John Naylor, to rebuild the country using bamboo homes, and to engender bamboo growth across the nation. With over one million homeless because of the earthquake, it would seem a daunting task for the poor classes of Port au Prince, Haiti to be able to rebuild in a short time span. But with plans to plant bamboo across the country, Haiti could have enough bamboo for its own construction demands and have a lot leftover to export in just three years! The rapid growth and increasing demand for this plant from the consumers is giving some of the poorer countries an opportunity to grow economically.

Chicago based EcoPlanet Bamboo has just reached its 10,000 acre mark in securing bamboo plantations. They recently acquired a 3,000 acre farm in Nicaragua, catapulting them past 10,000 acres of total bamboo farmland. Their mission is similar to the above stories. To use this earth-friendly crop to bolster economies in poor countries, while helping to reverse the harmful effects of pollution and greenhouse gases in the world. This farm alone will provide for hundreds of full time jobs, countless seasonal jobs, and indirectly creates a lot more.