Bamboo Sheet Set Review – Budget Earth

As we talk a lot about the sustainability and renewability of bamboo products, some people have spoken out about just how nice they really are.  One blogger has posted a bamboo sheets review and raves about their quality.

Bamboo sheet sets represent just one of many valuable and quality products that bamboo can be used for.  As long as safety and quality procedures are followed in production factories, bamboo can really be one of the most eco-friendly products on the planet.  Some chemicals are used to wash the fabric (just like any textiles).  Some chemicals are used to help spin the pulp into yarn.  Each stage of chemical use can be neutralized and disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner.

Bamboo is known for its green properties as a product, but also as a plant.  It produces far more oxygen than any tree, meaning it is also processing and eliminating harmful greenhouse gases.

Bamboo can also be used effectively as a source of timber for home construction.  Recently, a Vietnamese company produced a model home constructed completely of bamboo.  It’s intention was to withstand intense flooding while also being an affordable option for the majority of the public.  The house, only 473 square feet, will go on sale for around $2,500.  This is a representation of yet another milestone of world nations developing bamboo housing.