Eco-friendly Choices at Home

One of the most basic and all-pervasive aspects of our culture is related to our clothing.  From outfits to bedding, the entire world uses an extremely large supply of fibers every day.  While textiles is not often thought to be a way to become more eco-friendly, it actually presents a unique opportunity to do just that.

Many people have heard of bamboo textiles, like bamboo sheets.  Many people know that a chemical process is required to make them into the soft and desirable product that we all know and love.  There are a few things to consider about the direct consequences of a person’s choice to purchase bamboo products over cotton.

1. Chemical Reduction

In a huge way, bamboo rayon textiles save the world from the extensive chemical usage of cotton farms.  Cotton, in its growth and in its refinement during production, uses an extremely high amount of chemicals.  Just the growth process alone will use more chemicals than hundreds of organic bamboo sheets sets will ever need.  Bamboo requires zero chemicals to be grown, and just one chemical bath to process the wood pulp.  Then, that chemical bath can be dissolved into salt water with complementary chemicals.  Thus, the environmental impact is minimal.

2. Benefits to the Environment

What every single purchase of bamboo means, is that bamboo is being demanded by consumers.  It means that more and more people are asking for bamboo and the economic reaction will be to provide more.  That means more bamboo forests will be grown across the world so that the supply can equal that demand.  Bamboo grows at an extremely high rate, (highest in the world actually) and produces up to 35% more oxygen per acre than a group of trees.  That means that bamboo products, like bamboo sheets, are the catalyst for replenishing the millions of forest acreage that the world depletes every year. And the best part is that it doesn’t take 40 years to replenish those forests – bamboo only takes about 3 years to grow to full height and maturity.

Every day, the toxic amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the air acidifies the ocean and continually puts a lot of the ocean life at risk for death and extinction.  Think of all the good that acres and acres of bamboo forests can do for the world.  Not only can they be productive acres of green vegetation, but they can be used to meet the world’s demands for many resources and grow back within the year!

Bamboo Fence

3. Have a Luxurious Tooth

Let’s be honest, bamboo sheets are amazingly soft.  They aren’t slippery like silk, but don’t get the stiffness of old cotton after being washed.  Bamboo bed sheets are a way to have a novel and luxurious bedding and still be able to help the planet.  If living an earth-friendly life always felt this good…. Bamboo sheets will change your life.  You will feel like you are making a difference in the world, but you can feel great while doing it.  Bamboo sheets have served me well for a few years now, and they are still the softest sheets I have ever slept on.  After using bamboo sheets, you will probably be packing a set on vacations so you don’t have to use the cheap hotel sheets.  They are that good.  Make a difference today – chose bamboo!