How to Grow Bamboo

When contemplating having your own bamboo, there are a few things to consider.  How you want to acquire it is one – there are many good websites out there that provide high quality bamboo seeds.  Buy seeds is the cheapest, albeit, it takes long to get a full grown plant.  Luckily, bamboos will grow a lot faster than trees.  However, it is easy enough to get potted bamboos from local nurseries, (these will cost you a lot more).

Black Bamboo

Placement is a big key when planting bamboo.  Depending on the type (i.e. clumping) bamboo can provide a dense screen for neighbors or a barren corner, etc.  The health of the plant in placement is also key when growing bamboo.  Bamboo will grow best in full sunlight after they are matured.  Young plants will need a bit of shade, because their lack of deep roots may cause them to burn up quickly.  Small plants may also be enhanced by a windscreen to make sure they grow straight and tall.

If you are considering growing running bamboos, make sure to double check with your local laws.  Some Americans have irresponsibly grown runners that have proceeded to take over parts of smaller town and laws are now being applied to prevent such occurrences.  If you have a runner that you like, but you don’t want to spread too far, an easy barrier fabric can be installed.  A HDPE (high density polyethylene) barrier about 40 millimeters in thickness and about 30 inches deep will confine any bamboo to the spot you designate.

Bamboo can provide many different types of beauty to a garden or backyard.  Some are good for ground cover, some are good to screen against neighbors and to keep toys (like basketballs etc.) in the yard, and others can add some tropical flavor to your backyard.  Picking the right bamboo and learning a little about its individual characteristics is a must before planting.  There are so many different varieties to choose from, it is easy to find one that is perfect for your yard.

Bamboo is an amazing renewable and sustainable resource.  It can provide a lot more oxygen than trees, making our planet greener and our air cleaner.  When you decide to grow bamboo, you are joining thousands of people that want to make a difference in this world.  Earth day from 30 years ago is starting to make a difference, because all those trees that people planted are finally growing up.  But bamboo can reach maturity in 2-3 years, and the benefits and blessings of this plant can be realized nearly immediately.  Bamboo can be made into a variety of useful products, like bamboo sheets, or food.  It is a plant that can bless our lives.