Bamboo sheets-Rayon from bamboo

Rayon from bamboo is quickly becoming one of the most popular bedding and apparel products in America.  Coming from a very sustainable and renewable source, bamboo is not only an eco-friendly choice, but a comfortable one as well.

Bamboo fabric is one of the softest and most comfortable fabrics on the market.  It has the heavy feel of silk, but an even softer hand.  If purchased from a quality source, it will last a long time and endures through many washes.  However, some retailers put out very poor products and they quickly pill, lose shape, or just plain deteriorate.  The cheap sheet sets on Amazon have some extremely poor reviews and seem to be a poor quality.  Fiber Element sells some very quality sheets, and has lasted me a long time.  I have washed them many times, and they are just as soft as ever.  These could be the best sheets I have ever owned in my life.

Bamboo paradise

The other characteristics of bamboo seem to be up for debate.  But, they are acknowledged as having high moisture absorption and good dyeability, which makes for an excellent consumer fabric.[1]

When coming under scrutiny for environmental harm, bamboo really stands up on its own.  Bamboo is a very eco-friendly plant in terms of its growth and harvesting processes.  However, like all fabrics, its production into consumer textile use requires chemicals, and it proves to be just as damaging as cotton or any other fabric.  But the manner in which the plant exists in the wild is far more beneficial to the planet than most other fabric sources.  If any interest was put into this plant, more eco-friendly production methods would probably be found.

Organic sheets made of bamboo rayon fabric are the most comfortable sheets I have ever owned.  When I purchase bamboo products, like bamboo sheets, I feel like my consumer habits are contributing to a growing eco-friendly market and in turn, helping the world.  I am a big proponent of bamboo and all that the plant has to offer.  I believe that if the bamboo market continues to grow in demand and popularity, that the U.S. could one day be a major beneficiary to the global bamboo market, and that the pollution of the cotton process can diminish greatly.

[1] Jennifer Kohler, Performance Characteristics Of Rayon From Bamboo In Bed Sheets Through Laundering, Master’s Thesis, Utah State University, 2012,