Bamboo Bed Sheets


In this article, I just want to come out and say it: Bamboo sheets are amazing.  I am going to write a little bit about this budding fashion statement and hopefully, enlighten you as to the many extraordinary properties that it contains.  The mystery of this whole conversation is why this eco-friendly substitute hasn’t been acknowledged long ago.  Substitute?  More like star of the class.  Bamboo is a superb, green replacement for cotton.  It exceeds its rival in every category, as you will soon see, and has become my favorite fabric, especially for my sheets.

Do you know how soft they are?  Well, they are really soft.  In fact, the very molecular makeup of the fiber consists of rounded tubes, lending itself to a softer fabric.  Moreover, the rounded surface of the fibers makes them more resistant to abrasion, thus your bamboo sheets will stay soft long into your years.  Remember what fresh sheets feel like?  There is something about new clothes and sheets that are so much softer then after a few washes.  The cotton gets sort of crinkly after going through the washer and drier a few times.  But with my bamboo sheets, I don’t have that problem.  Basically, a 250 thread count sheet set made out of bamboo fibers is softer than a 1000 thread count set of organic cotton sheets.

Bamboo and the Environment


Bamboo has many advantages over traditional cotton growth.  Bamboo is the fastest growing grass in the world; many species can reach up to 90+ feet in height.  Bamboo can grow in many soils and areas unsuitable for crops such as cotton.  It also grows with such density that its per hectare yield is exorbitantly higher than that of cotton.


Because bamboo is a part of the grass family, the manner in which it is harvested is especially friendly to the surrounding environment.  Unlike cotton, which has to be uprooted and becomes a factor in soil deterioration, bamboo is cut, just like grass, and presents no significant threat in the harvesting process.

Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming

Bamboo is an effective eliminator of CO2.  It produces up to 35% more oxygen than an equivalent amount of trees.


As bamboo can be used for food, fibers, and construction supplies, it provides an avenue of relief for deforestation.  High yield and growth rates allow bamboo to be a very effective substitute for traditional woods and fibers.

Water Use

Bamboo seldom requires heavy irrigation.  Sound evidence has come out that their water-use efficiency is nearly double that of other trees.  Compared to cotton, which uses lots and lots of water, bamboo could nearly prevent drought all by itself.  Some have estimated that cotton is the largest water user among all agricultural commodities.

Soil Erosion

Crops such as cotton, which require annual replanting, can lead to intensive soil erosion.  Bamboo’s extensive roots and the nature of harvesting this grass serve to preserve soil and avoid such erosion.  Constant pesticide usage in conventional crops such as cotton severely diminishes the soil’s quality and fertility.


Because it is a natural product made entirely from plant cellulose, bamboo fibers are completely biodegradable in soil, by sunlight and microorganisms.

Did you know that the fabric is, inherently, antibacterial?  A study from the National Defense University, in Taiwan, studied bamboo fabric and found that “an excellent antibacterial performance was discovered.[1]

Bamboo ranks itself highly as, not only a quality material, but one that bridges the gap left by the flaws of other fibers.


[1]Fu-Chu Yang, Kuo-Hui Wu, Ming-Jie Liu, Wen-Po Lin, Ming-Kuan Hu, Evaluation of the antibacterial efficacy of bamboo charcoal/silver biological protective material, Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 113, Issue 1, 15 January 2009, Pages 474-479, ISSN 0254-0584, 10.1016/j.matchemphys.2008.07.126.  Subject Context: Bamboo Bedding, Bamboo Blankets, Bamboo Forest, Bamboo Linen Sheets, Bamboo Sheets, Organic Bedding, Organic Blankets, Organic Sheets.



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